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Brand Audit

Take the guesswork out of positioning yourself in the marketplace. Let our branding experience guide you and your team to fully unlock your potential.

What is a Brand Audit?

The brand audit process comprehensively analyzes how your organization’s brand is performing today. The analysis looks at how the performance is compared to your organization’s goals and how it is received in the marketplace in which it operates. Brand audits involve looking at three primary areas: your internal branding, the external brand, and the customer experience.

Our Process

Conducting an effective brand audit requires creating a methodology that is specific to your business and the industry it operates in. The audit involves the use of primary research and employs both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

  • Mission
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Target Clients/Customers
  • Market Strategy

When determining the appropriate audit framework, many variables should be reviewed. The correct ones will be unique to each organization and must be carefully selected.

  • Internal Interviews
  • External Interviews
  • Stakeholder Analysis

Using analysis tools is an effective approach to understanding where an organization’s brand is today. These illuminating discussions help to point out what needs to be kept and changed and how to put brand opportunities into perspective.

  • Website Analytics
  • Social Data
  • Sales/Service Data
  • Competitor

Understanding your brand’s current state through robust research will allow for a well-rounded picture and highlight the future areas of focus.

  • Action Plans
  • Timelines
  • Expected Results
  • Brand Monitoring

The brand audit report will allow the organization to navigate the brand’s performance, make needed changes, and monitor the progress and results. Brands will always evolve in the changing environments in which they operate. This process allows for the proactive evolution of the brand.



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