Let us help you manage important discussions through our step-by-step facilitation process. We’ll coordinate with you effectively to get to your best outcomes.

What is Facilitation

Facilitation is guiding people through processes towards established objectives with an approach that encourages participation, buy-in, and innovation by all those involved. An Imagination facilitator ensures that the process is professional and productive.

Our Process

An effective facilitator collaborates with you in the planning and coordination of the meeting approach to achieve the desired outcome. The process can vary depending on the type of meeting, the number of participants, or the situation. Our technology-driven approach is guaranteed to exceed expectations.

  • Support Participants
  • Guide the Conversation
  • Implement Facilitation Tools
  • Ensure Understanding of Objectives
  • Maintain Effectiveness
  • Foster Participation
  • Create Interest

The facilitation approach ensures that the focus is on thinking, and the facilitator supports the group in achieving their goals by guiding them through an effective, productive, and calculated process.

  • Design and Plan
  • Implement the Process
  • Deliver Logistics
  • Encourage Participation
  • Facilitate Discussions
  • Maintain Focus
  • Ensure Efficiency
  • Record Results
  • Report on Outcomes

Through creating an inclusive environment and asking the right questions the facilitator can maintain a well-managed discussion driven by active listening skills and empathy.


Marie’s facilitation skills are second to none! Our team had the benefit of an online training session on engagement skills. Marie brought the material to life with tangible examples and scenarios, helping to build confidence and skills with various approaches.

Lorna Sook, M.Ed., CAPA, Consultant, Indigenous Governance

CBE CARES! serves to advance equity, anti-racism and inclusion within the CBE. We engaged The Imagination Group to facilitate and guide a large forum to gather the voices of all DEI stakeholders: staff from all employee groups, trustees, students, and parents. Dr. Delorme’s report was a fantastic representation of the collective voices, recommendations, next steps, and literature review. The CBE team thanks Dr. Delorme and Imagination Consulting team for facilitating this important system initiative for the CBE, Alberta’s largest public school system

Christopher Usih, Chief Superintendent Calgary Board of Education


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