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Governance Assessment

Our experienced consultants will undertake a comprehensive review of current operations against best practices and identify areas of improvement and opportunities.

What is Governance Assessment?

The importance of effective governance is undeniable. It has become clearer over recent decades that organizational failures are often linked to failure in governance oversight or good strategic direction. A governance review assesses all the elements of a governance framework. It analyzes and interprets current operations against best practices to identify potential improvements.

Our Process

The governance review will assess how well the current governance structure is helping the organization with strategy and driving performance. Through the assessment, areas of improvement and opportunities for change will be identified. Effective practices will be recognized and highlighted. A final report will be delivered with a comprehensive review and recommendations.

  • Roles
  • Functions
  • Processes
  • Efficacy

The review process begins with discussions with the board and senior leadership. The focus of these interactions will define the scope of the Review and determine the documentation and information that will inform the process.

  • Documentation
  • Evaluations
  • Training
  • Strategic Plan
  • Succession

Using analysis tools is an effective approach to understanding where an organization and its board are today. These will help to point out what is needed and what recommendations can be made.

  • Board Members
  • Senior Administration
  • Stakeholders

During the governance review and assessment period, questions will naturally arise to better understand the needs and desires of the board. Best practices and a better understanding of the current state will also help guide this process.

  • Established Baseline
  • Director Self-reflection
  • Discussion Starting Point
  • Progress Assessment
  • Highlight Achievements
  • Identify Needed Changes
  • Ensuring Compliance
  • Governance Training

The Board will receive a comprehensive report detailing all aspects of the review and recommendations for the Board’s consideration. The report assists the Board in identifying where they are performing well and where discussion, decisions, and actions are required to address specific issues.

  • Current Board Processes
  • Strengths and Challenges
  • Board’s Specific Needs
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Ongoing Assessments

The Effective Governance training session presents the Board with an opportunity to examine their practices in the context of the Governance Review Report and establish a plan to prioritize and address any issues which require attention.

  • Managing Risk

Prioritizing, evaluating, and implementing the appropriate risk-reducing controls/countermeasures recommended from the risk management process will help to protect the successful completion of your strategic plan.



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