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Leadership Architect

The need for organizations to align work with talent has never been more critical. Let us support your talent development process through this unique and specialized program.

What is Leadership Architect?

Korn Ferry Architect streamlines job design, work measurement, and related talent processes. This system enables Imagination to design, evaluate and change jobs quickly and efficiently and gives you a comprehensive view of where jobs sit in your organization.

Organizations need to keep pace in a constantly changing world with a robust and flexible career job architecture—supported by innovative technology to accelerate and inform job design, job levelling and talent mobility through roles.

The Imagination Consulting team is Leadership Architect certified and ready to support your organization’s talent development.

Our Process

The key to successful talent development is to utilize competency modelling. Our expertise in using the Leadership Architect competency modelling tool ensures the most effective approach to supporting your organization through talent development processes.

  • Determine exactly where your roles sit in your organization’s job architecture and compensation structure
  • Access the details of the full job evaluation line for each job, capturing changes as jobs evolve and adjusting levels accordingly
  • Automatically link all materials and processes associated with job changes, including pay grades, interview guides and assessments
  • Deliver a transparent and consistent view of job roles across all functions and geographies
  • Visualize your jobs in an organization structure matrix using a set of powerful reporting tools
  • Develop a career architecture providing a visible career path from a current role to any chosen destination
  • We use our job architecture and work measurement framework expertise along with the Korn Ferry Hay Guide Chart-Profile Method, our world-class job evaluation system
  • Our leading competency framework informs a holistic framework of defining and measuring talent. Using analysis tools is an effective approach to understanding where an organization is today. These illuminating discussions help to point out what needs to be done and put issues and opportunities into perspective.
  • Provide a foundation for fair and effective compensation and reward programs by directly connecting to your job evaluation process
  • Compare like jobs within and across functions to support internal pay equity analysis and company inclusion strategies
  • Leverage work measurement and job levelling to identify over-graded jobs driving pay escalation.
  • Defining a clear vision for what the organization aspires to become or achieve and your long-term goals. These elements explain the desired future state of the organization and the long-term goals you and your team are working towards achieving to get there.



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