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Meeting Process and Management

Maximize your productivity. Let us show you how.

What is Meeting Process and Management?

Effective meeting management allows leaders to share ideas and information, collaborate with the team, and address critical issues and goals. In addition, knowing how to conduct a meeting properly helps any organization run more efficiently.

Our Process

The key to successful meeting management involves several elements that must be delivered effectively. Understanding the importance of these steps and processes is essential. We will walk you through the purpose and best practices when planning and developing your meetings.

  • Meeting Needs
  • Current Practices
  • Audience
  • Planned Outcomes

Meeting needs are unique. Determining the desired outcome of your meeting will determine how to plan and conduct your event.

  • Preparation
  • Delegation
  • Action Plan
  • Focus
  • Engagement
  • Planning

Meeting essentials are necessary and beneficial. Utilization of these elements will only make your meetings more effective.

  • Purpose
  • Agenda
  • Participants
  • Roles
  • Scheduling
  • Invitation
  • Decision-Making
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Follow up

Best practices in meeting preparation can make all the difference in conducting an effective meeting. Understanding how to implement those practices, especially for special events, will allow your session to be delivered professionally and produce the most effective outcomes.

  • Starting the Meeting
  • Clarity
  • Delegation
  • Engagement
  • Facilitating
  • Ending the Meeting
  • Minutes
  • Actions

Facilitating a meeting can have specific rules for different types of arrangements. However, proper and effective delivery will create an environment that will meet and exceed the expectations of all involved.

The materials were clear and concise. Pre and post-contacts were prompt. I highly recommend doing business with the Imagination Group of Companies.

Lorna Sook, M.Ed., CAPA, Consultant, Indigenous Governance


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