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Process Mapping

Using a technology-driven approach, from defining business policies to creating visual representations of your processes, we’ll identify areas for improvement.

What is Process Mapping?

Process mapping is a method used to map out workflows and processes in a visual way. It involves creating a process map, a workflow diagram, a process flowchart, or a flowchart. The objective of process mapping is to communicate how a process functions in a succinct and uncomplicated way.

Our Process

Developing a detailed and effective operations manual is key to successful process mapping. Our custom and technology-driven approach is designed to explain how your company does things or gets things accomplished.

  • Visualization
  • Process Maps
  • Responsibilities

Operations manuals will be different from organization to organization, and they will also vary in size. While some companies create extensive operations manuals and hundreds of pages that document every component of their organization, others will only capture some processes with fewer documents.

  • Organizational Chart
  • Job Descriptions
  • Experience and Skills
  • Contact Details

Business policies are different from human resource policies. These policies outline the standards your team utilizes to deal with business-related tasks.

  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Risk Matrix

Emergencies are an eventuality in any organization. Mitigating those potential risks is the most effective way to deal with emergencies. Well-defined operation manuals will list the procedures you will use for all business areas to minimize the impact.


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