We offer a wide range of consulting services, including organizational analysis, strategy development, governance training, and much more.

Committed to excellence

Our team of experienced consultants is well-versed in the Canadian business landscape and is committed to helping you navigate the challenges and opportunities of operating in this region.

We take a personalized approach to every project, so our solutions are tailored to meet your needs and goals. Whether you want to expand your organization, optimize operations, or increase profitability, we are here to help.

Imagination Consulting offers a full range of services and support


Every organization needs a roadmap for achieving success. Using a systematic approach, effective strategy development helps organizations make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and achieve their desired outcomes.

Working with you to identify and manage risks, analyze the competitive landscape, assess internal strengths and weaknesses, and develop contingency plans, Imagination consultants can help you optimize your operations and improve overall performance.

A collaborative process that engages with a wide range of stakeholders like businesses, community organizations, government agencies, and residents, we’ve got experience in all ranges of community economic development to support your goals.

By involving your stakeholders in the process, we can help you build consensus and create buy-in for a successful outcome of your project.

We have substantial experience in meeting facilitation, including coordinating with organizers, agenda setting, identifying key topics or themes, and much more. As a facilitator, we work hard to create an environment in which all participants feel comfortable sharing their ideas and collaborating with one another.

We’ll help ensure that your gathering is productive, engaging, and successful, and that all participants are able to achieve their goals.


We will help you optimize your management of operations, improve efficiency, and achieve your goals through effective organizational analysis.

If you are experiencing growth or change, or looking to improve your performance, we’ve got the tools to help you get where you want to go.

By identifying areas for improvement and providing recommendations for implementing changes, we can help organizations improve the quality of their operations, products, outputs, or services. This can lead to cost savings and a competitive advantage.

Let us work with you to find the best way forward for your operations.

As a business grows, it becomes increasingly important to have well-documented processes in place. We’ll work with you to create visual representations of existing processes to help identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and areas for improvement.

Our consultants can help your organization ensure you are prepared to manage whatever is coming your way.

We know how important it is for organizations to develop effective policies and procedures that align with their strategic goals, support compliance with regulations and standards, and ensure consistency in decision-making and operations. It is vital that everyone is on the same page and following the same processes, which can help improve communication and accountability within the organization.

Let us help you establish these basic ground rules for your organization and ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs effectively.

Large or small, we can help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your meetings. From planning to facilitation to evaluation, we offer a wide range of meeting support services to help lead you to better decision-making, improved communication, and increased productivity.


Effective governance is crucial for the success of any organization. Whether you’re a non-profit, corporation, or government entity, strong governance practices can help ensure that your organization is transparent, accountable, and able to manage risk effectively.

We offer comprehensive training on the principles and practices of good governance. Our expert consultants will guide you through the key elements of effective governance, including understanding different governance structures, legal and regulatory compliance, risk management, financial management, and stakeholder engagement.

Governance Assessment involves evaluating an organization’s governance practices. Our experienced consultants will undertake a comprehensive review of your organization’s governance framework, policies, procedures, and practices, and/or conduct detailed interviews with all your stakeholders. We’ll provide you with a detailed report that highlights your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations for improvement.

Identifying the key leadership positions that will need to be filled in the future is important for any organization. It is important to ensure your organization has a strong and stable leadership pipeline, which can help to stabilize the long-term success of the organization.

Through identifying skill gaps in the organization or identifying opportunities for employee development, we can help guide you through this process.

Developing a comprehensive plan for managing your organization’s workforce in a way that supports the mission, vision, and values, is often overlooked. We’ll help assess those needs and identify areas where human resource practices can be improved to better support the overall goals of the organization.

Organizational improvement is a highly customized service that is tailored to the unique needs of each organization. By working closely with the client, we can develop a customized plan that addresses how leadership works with administration and/or the board   

From assessing the current state to defining the future state, we’ve got the experience you’ll need, to help you map out the best way forward.

Team building can take many different forms, depending on the specific needs of the team and the organization. We’ll work with you to develop a customized approach that unlocks the benefits of improved teamwork, such as increased productivity, better decision-making, and higher employee engagement.

True Colors is a personality profiling system that is designed to help individuals understand themselves and others better. It is beneficial for leadership development within any organization and our certification means we can administer and interpret the program results effectively and efficiently. We will show you how to use this system to facilitate better communication, teamwork, and leadership for all your teams and stakeholders.

The Leadership Architect framework is used to assess and develop leadership competencies. We use these assessments to help your employees identify their strengths and weaknesses, create development plans, and track progress over time. Often used to integrate leadership development into talent management processes, we’ll lead you through the process, and ensure you’re set up for success.

Our consultants have been invited to deliver numerous keynote speeches across Canada and would be happy to provide your audiences with valuable insights, perspectives, and information on your organization. Let us make you shine at your next conference or meeting.

Is your brand reaching its full potential? Let our experts give your brand the boost it needs to ensure your branding efforts resonate with your audience. We will undertake a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s brand image, reputation, and marketing efforts. And we’ll assess the effectiveness of the company’s branding strategies and identify areas for improvement.


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