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Succession Planning

At Imagination, we offer a comprehensive approach to helping you build a team of skilled and dedicated employees.

What is Succession Planning?

Succession planning is identifying, recruiting, training, and mentoring employees with leadership potential, preparing them to step into more senior or executive positions when vacancies occur.

Succession planning ensures that highly qualified people are in all key positions…today, tomorrow, next year, and five years from now. It also ensures that if a position needs to be filled for a day, a month, or permanently, management can quickly find people with the right skills to perform the job duties on a shared basis or to step into the position temporarily or permanently.

Our Process

The process extends beyond filling vacancies and skill gaps to managing the organization’s long-term needs. Good planning focuses on recruiting employees based on organizational needs, developing their skills and abilities, preparing them for advancement, and retaining those employees to ensure a return on the organization’s investment.

  • Past Accomplishments
  • Learnings
  • Document Review
  • Past Plans

A guided process, working with key position incumbents and documenting the succession plans for each key position. Imagination utilizes The Leadership Architect™ tool for competency modelling.

  • Identify Development Opportunities
  • Develop Career Plans
  • Performance Management
  • Evaluation

Development plans are led by the incumbents whose positions are included in the succession planning process. This is a collaboration between incumbents and those in the succession talent pool.

  • Attraction
  • Retention
  • Placement

The ongoing process is led by the Senior Management Team, who uses the succession planning process to attract and retain talent, place the right people in the right positions, and prepare for anticipated or unplanned vacancies due to attrition or other circumstances.


Dr. Marie Delorme and Colby Delorme carefully guided us through the succession planning process in identifying core competencies required to fill key roles in the event of vacancies or retirement.  They took the time to carefully explain the entire process and helped us create a realistic plan to ensure that key roles and duties within our First Nation are filled.

Amy Comegan, Director of Finance, Big Grassy River First Nation


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