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True Colors

Beneficial for any organization, we’ll facilitate the program and show you how to use this system to create better communication and teamwork.

What is True Colors™ Training?

True Colors™ specializes in addressing the primary causes of ineffective teamwork: miscommunication and conflict. In Imagination, engaging True Team Building Training, we explore the nuances of effective team building. Participants learn to recognize successful team traits and stages of development.

Our Process

Imagination will collaborate with your leadership team to develop customized online and in-person programming for your organization. While each solution is unique, all solutions promote improved conflict management through shared experiences, increased self-awareness, a common language to discuss differences and elevated empathy for others. True Colors cultivates the healthy relationships needed for successful team building.

  • 40 Years of Experience
  • Organization-wide Approach
  • Immediate Results
  • Long-lasting Benefits

The True Colors™ proprietary methodology distills complex temperament theory into practical tools and actionable programs. True Colors™ uses colours — Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue — to differentiate the four primary personality types and illuminate how these types best interact with each other.

By helping individuals better understand themselves and others, the evidence-based approach reveals the “why” behind organizational behavioural issues.

Utilizing this knowledge, True Colors™ provides programmatic solutions that truly build better teams.

  • Shared Experience
  • Common Language
  • Self-Awareness
  • Empathy

The ability to work with different personality types more effectively and improve communication skills amongst your team is invaluable. Increased trust, reduced conflict, higher engagement, greater collaboration, improved teamwork, and increased productivity makes this a unique solution to address most internal organizational issues.


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